Windows Modernization: Future-Proofing Your Microsoft Workloads on AWS

In today’s world, many customers are looking to modernize their Windows applications, with goals such as increased elasticity and on-demand pricing, as well as reducing or even eliminating their licensing costs. Whether their workloads involve .NET applications or SQL Server, AWS provides an exceptional platform for Windows workloads, with more customers using it for their Windows workloads than any other public cloud platform.

In this webinar, we address the best practices for modernizing your Microsoft workloads on AWS, dispel some of the misconceptions around modernization barriers, and provide the best path forward as you seek to modernize your current applications to improve cost-effectiveness, reduce risk, and establish the foundation for future innovation and growth.

What we’ll cover:
– Identifying the best modernization paths for reducing risks and cutting costs, while future-proofing your business
– Best practices for modernizing applications from .NET to .NET Core on AWS
– SQL server modernization to managed databases like RDS and Aurora
– Tools, assessments, and programs provided by AWS to accelerate your Microsoft Workloads modernization, including licensing options, Porting Assistant for .NET, and AWS App2Container
– Real-world examples of how customers are modernizing their .NET applications with cloud native services

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