Vitens Moves to Cloud Security with BloxOne® Threat Defense from Infoblox

Because it maintains a such sprawling physical infrastructure, Vitens has long relied on powerful digital networking to connect employees and facilities, organize operations and support customer services. When Infoblox first came into contact with Vitens in 2010, the company had long relied on Microsoft servers for its DNS, DHCP and IPAM (DDI) infrastructure. The challenge with this configuration was that the Vitens networking team had little visibility into the network services and network endpoints across its many waterworks facilities and equipment installations.

As Vitens began incorporating IoT devices and technologies into its infrastructure, this lack of visibility increased the company’s vulnerability to performance and security concerns. Infoblox was able to help Vitens in this regard, at first with the implementation of an Infoblox Network Insight solution, with dedicated Trinzic devices and Infoblox Grid for centralized network management and high availability. The relationship between the two companies has grown over the years, especially through the collaboration to strengthen Vitens’ security posture to address the European Union’s strict cybersecurity framework for public utilities.

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