Three Critical Initiatives to Accelerate Your Business Results with Technology: Hybrid Work Enablement, Data-led Innovation, and Flexible IT Delivery


This study sought to understand whether, and to what degree, an organization’s comprehensive technology transformations are reinforcing broad and deep competitive and business advantages. Conversely, the study investigates whether organizations that lag in terms of technology enablement are as well positioned as their more advanced counterparts to seize business opportunities.


Key Findings:

Organizations that excel across multiple IT disciplines achieve a remarkable payoff:

They drive higher levels of innovation resulting in business transformation. On average, they drive 45% more revenue through innovative channels.

Innovation yields differentiated customer experiences and higher customer satisfaction. They are 2.9x more likely to exceed their customer satisfaction goals.

Businesses recognize IT as a competitive differentiator. They are 3.2x more likely to see IT as a competitive differentiator.

They are positioned to adapt and thrive through uncertainty: two-thirds (67%) are very confident that they have the technology experience to adapt and thrive through major societal and macroeconomic disruptions.

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