The Analytics-Led Path to Digital Adoption

Crafting the right digital transformation strategy and rolling out new digital tools for your employees is no easy task, especially for large enterprises. It won’t happen magically overnight, and the unfortunate reality is that most companies fail at undertaking it in the long term. They fail because they’re not putting the employee experience at the center of their strategy.

Companies that understand the behavior and needs of their employees and base their plans for digital change around those behaviors and needs are the ones that will succeed. Business technology leaders and their partners need a clear understanding of how employees actually do their work. To do that, they need to harness the power of analytics. It’s no surprise a recent Everest Group report argues that analytics should form “the backbone of key business decisions.”

In this e-book, we’ll show you how analytics—in particular the robust analytics the best digital adoption solutions offer—provide meaningful organizational insights, inform and improve your digital transformation roadmap, optimize execution, and make already successful rollouts even better.

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