FORRESTER How Secure Are WE?

The Rise Of The Business-Aligned Security Executive

A commissioned study of more than 800 business and cybersecurity leaders worldwide conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Tenable reveals:

The Perfect Surrounding

Business and cybersecurity strategies are                               seldom on the same page.

               Fewer than half of respondents regularly consult                 their executive counterparts when developing                     business or cybersecurity strategies, a                                   disconnect that persists even during concerted                   efforts such as an official COVID-19 response                       plan.

Security leaders have an incomplete picture of                     their attack surface.

               With the rise of distributed work, and the growing                 adoption of cloud, mobile and IoT devices,                             security organizations require new tools and                         processes to comprehensively assess cyber risk                 beyond the traditional IT perimeter.

Cybersecurity metrics often lack business-risk                     context.

               Few security organizations use threat metrics                       that speak to business risk, exposing a need for                   new reporting practices that can better align                       cybersecurity programs with business objectives                 and industry benchmarks.

Today’s digital business requires a new security approach focused on both understanding the current risk posture and predicting the greatest threats to the business.

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