State of Service

Inside the Fourth Edition of the “State of Service” Report.

In the midst of dual health and economic crises, the strategic role of customer service cannot be overstated. New research from the fourth edition of the Salesforce “State of Service” report reveals just how much stock customers put in quality customer service and support today.

The stakes have never been higher for customer retention as service teams face customers who are more anxious, more demanding, and have more complex cases. Service is more than a matter of closing a ticket and moving on to the next — it’s ensuring that the brand is associated with empathy and personalisation as customers encounter circumstances that are completely out of their control. Think about all of the ways service teams have already adapted their policies, reskilled team members, and scaled support across channels to help, all while experiencing increased case volumes.

  1. Changing customer service expectations underpin new strategies
  2. Service teams scale support with digital investments
  3. Customer service career paths come into focus

What do 7,000+ service professionals across 33 countries have to say about the strategic role of customer service today?

Read the Salesforce “State of Service” report for an in-depth look at the findings.

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