SAP testing for Agile waves: How to reduce the risk of constant change

For years, ERP systems were considered slow and steady. Now, digital transformation initiatives require all systems to progress at the same rapid rate in order to meet a company’s business objectives. This means that SAP projects must shift to more rapid release cadences—and testing must evolve in order to keep pace. Software test automation is essential for ensuring that frequent incremental changes don’t break critical business processes which span across SAP and connected technologies (UIs, APIs, mobile, databases, third-party applications, etc.). However, the manual testing approach of the past simply doesn’t work in this new context, and you can’t achieve the required speed and risk coverage by simply adding tools. A deep-seated process transformation is required. The following content—a transcript from a Tricentis session with software testing analyst Paul Gerrard—provides an experienced perspective on why this transformation is so critical, and what’s required to achieve it.

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