SAP digital transformation requires continuous testing

Digital Transformation requires new and innovative software to bereleased rapidly—and with minimal business risk. The rapid cadence of release cycles is the new normal and with it comes the need to transform enabling processes and technologies. As organizations embark on the Digital Transformation journey, it becomes overtly evident software testing is a barrier to success. That’s why leading analysts such as Gartner, Forrester and IDC all now recognize that the software testing process needs to change. This is particularly the case with an applications environment such as SAP, where infrastructure changes can have far-reaching impacts. But no matter how fast you drive your next-gen initiatives, the SAP team must balance the business initiative to accelerate releases with the need to ensure an acceptable level of risk. Given that even a minor SAP update has the potential to bring critical business processes to a standstill, there’s clearly an increased burden now being placed on the software testing function and its ability to detect those changes that might expose the business to significant risks. SAP S/4HANA and SAP Fiori have introduced a transformation platform with the potential to accelerate the release of business differentiating software. However, while these innovative technologies are critical for powering SAP-enabled business transformation initiatives, they can only ultimately succeed if IT teams are ready to test them at a rate that keeps pace with the desired release cadence. Today, software testing remains the #1 barrier to speed while representing roughly 40% of your application budget—this is a problem.

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