Sales and Marketing Unification

Top Research and Reports to Help You Unify Your Teams and Drive Business Outcomes

Alignment between sales and marketing teams helps organizations become more successful in many ways. For example, insights from Sales helps Marketing tailor and personalize their messaging to prospects. In turn, insights from Marketing helps Sales know what their prospects are engaging with to guide their outreach efforts.

However, many teams are still operating in silos which are inhibiting business growth. That’s why we put together the Sales and Marketing Unification toolkit with some of the top research and reports, including:

  • The 2020 ABM Market Research Study: Insights to better understand the state of account-based marketing
  • ABM for Sales Playbook: Best practices for a world-class sales organization running ABM
  • Intent is the New Lead: How to use intent to drive more conversions down the pipeline
  • TOPO’s 2020 Sales Development Benchmark Report: Strategies and tactics of successful sales development teams
  • Your Account-Based Playbook: How to build sales-first account-based programs

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