Project Agility Through 4D BIM

Join our webinar to learn how to use more of your data efficiently to increase decision-making capabilities and improve project agility through 4D BIM. In any large construction project, we see discrete roles within a connected ecosystem. From concept and design through construction, maintenance, commissioning and turnover, Hexagon enables data governance of a projects’ information, connecting it across the lifecycle all the way to management of an owner’s physical asset. Our portfolio of solutions can scale across any project, offering a full suite of solutions for projects of all sizes and varying complexities.

Integrated solutions are available on-premises or on Intergraph Smart® Cloud. Create a solid conceptual design and enable informed investment decisions (Hexagon’s software empowers users to turn design and vision into a plan of action, digitally mapping out every detail for the construction phase, including time, materials, estimating, 4D scheduling and 5D cost. The outcome – improved estimation accuracy, cost and schedule control and more projects won.) Our solutions are changing the conditions through which business is done, in ways that transform the expectations of every stakeholder. Putting unused data to work is your industry’s greatest opportunity.

Register for this webinar and learn:

  • How dynamic scheduling can preserve budget on projects
  • Improve execution in the field through real-time updates
  • Smart integration allows you to leverage more of your project data and minimize stalls on your project

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