Performance engineering at enterprise scale

When you think about performance engineering at scale, scaling virtual users in performance tests probably comes to mind. Putting intense load on an application to ensure it can perform with hundreds of thousands to millions of concurrent virtual users operating under various user scenarios is traditionally what one thinks about when the words scale and performance come up. And that’s still very relevant and critical to today’s application testing. With DevOps, the meaning of scale is shifting. DevOps’ raison d’être is to release frequently, moving from a major release every year to smaller frequent releases, at times daily. In this approach, in order to keep pace with faster release schedules yet still realize quality control, teams need a way to go from to one or two tests per week to dozens. Ten times the number of tests in the same time period? That’s scale too. Here, scale is defined by the organization’s capacity to execute performance testing as frequently as they have builds and code check-ins.

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