Overcome Three Barriers to Effective Test Automation

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What You’ll Learn

  1. Why skilled individuals are essential, but hard to retain
    SDETs are a great resource for test automation, but they don’t come cheap — if you can even find one to begin with.
  1. How the scope of test scripts grows over time
    Even with a modest initial scope of tests, maintenance and new builds make for challenging upkeep.
  1. Why a codeless automation solution can help
    When you can script tests without needing to know code, the whole team can chip in to achieve better test coverage.

Test automation is far from a bleeding-edge concept these days. Many organizations understand the value of scripting tests to discover issues sooner and reduce testing backlogs.

But effective test automation is easier said than done. Even with a well-designed approach or framework, organizations can run into talent shortages and other hurdles to effective testing. Luckily, this eBook will show you that with the right investments, how you can overcome these challenges.

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