The Importance of Cyber Resiliency for the Utility Industry

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Duration: 1 hour

Our dependence on cyber systems is increasing every day – and the frequency, severity and sophistication of cyberattacks has been rising along with it.  The size and complexity of networks have also grown exponentially, continuously exposing organizations to larger attack surfaces. Unfortunately, the goal of eliminating all cyber threats is unreachable and organizations will continue to depend on cyber systems and attackers will keep targeting them. 

The only way to successfully overcome this arms race is to invest in cyber resiliency, which means the ability to recover from and adjust easily to cyber risks.  In this webinar, attendees will learn how to jump start cyber resiliency programs and understand the related best practices through real-world case studies that impacted utilities. The webinar will also highlight these topics:

  • Increasing pressure from cyber threats
  • The importance of cyber resiliency
  • Best practices and recommendations