Navigating Cloud Pitfalls in the New Normal

While adopting the cloud can be transformative – and in our increasingly digital world, an imperative – it also increases complexity.

Everyone who is accelerating moving to the cloud knows the benefits. But what are the associated pitfalls and how can you avoid them? In this webinar, Johnathon Cervelli, Splunk Chief Technical Advisor, and Stephen Elliot, IDC Program VP, Management Software and DevOps, will discuss how the right data strategy can help realize the promises of the cloud while avoiding often-overlooked pitfalls – ultimately, empowering organizations to succeed in and accelerate their transformation strategies.

What we’ll cover:

  • The state of cloud adoption and its impact on DevOps and I&O teams
  • What’s changed in response to the pandemic
  • Six pitfalls organizations face in moving to the cloud and the data strategies necessary to overcome them


Program VP, Management Software and DevOps
Chief Technical Advisor
Splunk Inc.

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