How to Quickly Shut Down Phishing Attack

A guide to automating phishing defense

Streamline Your Phishing Response

Phishing attacks are like mosquitoes – they’re everywhere, relentless and annoying. They’re also gateways to more dangerous threats, like ransomware and data exfiltration attacks. 

However, responding to phishing emails is time-consuming and laborious. Why not outsource a task no one on your team wants to do? You can streamline SecOps easily with automation using Cortex® XSOAR. 

This essential guide will walk you through:

  • The steps needed to automate your phishing response
  • Insight into machine learning and training your phishing model to recognize future phishing attacks
  • Out-of-the-box resources for fast deployment

Learn how you can quickly shut down phishing attacks. Check out The Essential Guide to Phishing Investigation and Response. 

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