How to Guide Sales Reps to Win Deals Before, During, and After the Meeting

As a sales manager, you have more to accomplish than there are hours in a day. You manage roughly seven direct reports, sit in meetings for hours on end, and 28 percent of your day is spent on reading and sending emails. Since the pandemic, you’ve faced the added challenge of onboarding and managing your team remotely, giving you less visibility and more stress.

Something has to give, right?

Conversation intelligence makes it easier to provide real-time guidance to your team before, during, and after calls.

Discover how conversation intelligence helps to:

  • Get insight at a glance into what’s going on in a deal
  • Surface the right information at the right time, the moment your rep needs it during calls with buyers
  • Make sure no action items fall through the cracks after the call ends

Take your time back with Outreach’s conversation intelligence capabilities, all while helping reps close deals faster.

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