How Liberkee Puts Dev+Ops in the Driver’s Seat

A few short years ago, contactless car rentals were the realm of science fiction. If you wanted a car, you had to fill out and sign half a dozen forms and wait while an agent approved your credit card before you were handed the keys. Even if you booked a car online, you still needed to talk to a person and verify your personal information before you could get behind the wheel. These days, you can rent a car on a mobile app and then use your phone to unlock the vehicle, which is faster and, these days, safer.

Huf Secure Mobile GmbH (Liberkee, effective from February 2021) used to be a wholly owned subsidiary of Huf Hülsbeck & Fürst GmbH & Co. KG. Founded in 1908 in Velbert/North RhineWestphalia, the group of companies develops mechanical and electronic locking and tire pressure monitoring systems for the global automotive industry. Huf was the first company ever to design components for the vehicle access and driving authorization systems “Passive Entry” and “Keyless Go”. Huf is one of the 20 most innovative companies in Germany.

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