How Service Organizations Will Overcome the Global Skills Shortage

Attracting High Performing Field Service Techs & Digital Workers

Attracting the right people is hard enough. But attracting high quality talent during a global skills shortage is even more difficult, especially for the elusive field service technician—a role that continues to rank in the top five most challenging positions to fill. Regardless of the cause, finding the best candidate, extending an offer, and retaining this valuable resource is critical to the business.

Discover the current employment economy for service organizations, how and why we’ve arrived here, and what we can do to optimize efforts to source and hire the very best field service talent.

  • Learning the unique attributes of a high-performing service technician
  • Focusing on skills, not just experience
  • Thinking outside the full-time employee box
  • Investing in technology to create efficiencies and attract skilled workers

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