From Virtualization to Containerization

A Guide for VMware Admins and Other Smart People

The shift from monolithic and virtualized to cloud native architectures is fundamentally good for the entire computing and application development worlds. This book is designed to help accelerate the transition for those of you who may be considering the leap. 

We will provide a little historical perspective leading up to the need for a transition, and show step-by-step how your developers, operations teams and organization can successfully transition from virtualized application architectures to a more suitable microservices architecture to accelerate your company’s speed of innovation. 

Download this free 70+ page eBook to learn:

  • The concepts of virtualization and containerization, their benefits and key differences
  • Types of containers and container orchestration
  • The concepts of service decomposition and microservices
  • Pros and cons of moving to cloud native
  • Steps to move an application from monolithic to loosely coupled microservices
  • How to deploy, test, and observe a sample microservices application
  • How to avoid the pitfalls encountered by others transitioning to cloud native

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