Zero Sign-On: The Solution for Passwordless Authentication

It’s time to say goodbye to passwords

Everyone hates passwords. Not only are they hard to re- member, time-consuming to enter, and annoying to reset, they are also a top source of enterprise cloud data breach- es.1 It’s no surprise that 86% of security leaders want to get rid of passwords, preferably by using mobile devices as the enterprise ID.2 That’s why Ivanti introduced zero sign-on (ZSO), a simple authentication capability that replaces passwords with secure mobile devices as the user ID. By leveraging our zero trust security framework, ZSO enables organizations in the Everywhere Workplace to:

  • Provide passwordless access to any business app
    or cloud service – including Microsoft Office 365 –
    through a zero trust framework.
  • Deliver a consumer-like authentication experience to the enterprise through the use of common biometrics.
  • Eliminate the hassle and security risks of passwords.
  • Ensure that only verified users, devices, apps and networks can access business resources.