Why you need AI in your continuous testing strategy

At the top of every CIO’s mind is how to drive for-ward innovation at speed, increase levels of pro-ductivity, deliver superior and highly scalable dig-ital products and services that increase customer satisfaction, and save costs – all at the same time. Unfortunately, without modernizing your testing with intelligent automation, and treating testing as a strategic component to your digital success, you won’t be as competitive and you can’t inno-vate as quickly. How do we get there?

AI is being implemented in an infinite number of ways in testing:

  • Creating automation based on an applica-tion’s mockup or simple design
  • Handling maintenance of rapidly changing applications
  • Automating hard-to-reach interfaces like remote applications
  • Performing self-healing upon changes to object recognition
  • Reducing the testing scope in large regres-sion suites through smart impact analysis