Why Jira test management apps don’t work for the enterprise

Storage constraints quickly cause performance and scalability issues.

At enterprise scale, Jira test management apps cause significant performance issues with Jira Server and Jira Data Center. Jira apps (formerly referred to as plugins or add-ons) lack built-in storage. This class of application relies on the Jira database to store the data it manages or creates. As data accumulates and the app consumes more space, the entire Jira instance becomes increasingly vulnerable to performance degradation, stalls, and crashes, which impacts every Jira user throughout the organization –in as little as 14 weeks, according to our research.

Jira is a business-critical component of the software delivery pipeline, providing workflow management and a single source of truth across all stakeholders. A Jira crash brings software de-livery workflows to a full stop. And reaching the scale that makes Jira vulnerable to crashes can happen much more quickly than you might think.