The New Sales and Marketing Divide: It’s Not What You Think

Account-Based Marketing (ABM) is an essential weapon helping organizations better target, engage, and ultimately close deals with best-fit, high-value accounts. But that’s only part of the equation.

For Marketing and Sales teams to effectively engage contacts, they need to engage contacts in personalized interactions. Unfortunately, ABM execution is lagging due to capacity limitations and an inability to scale personalized outreach.

To explore the issue more deeply, Conversica commissioned Renegade to conduct an extensive survey of Salespeople and Marketers.

Read the 2021 State of ABM Report from Renegade to learn more about:

  • How business professionals view ABM’s ability to convert pipeline and close deals
  • How ABM helps align Marketing and Sales teams
  • How to better execute on established ABM strategies
  • How Conversational AI automates personalized outreach at scale
  • And how ABM and Conversational AI work together to maximize opportunities for your revenue teams