Supercharge Your Content Updates with Page Builder

Content is essential to ecommerce success.

Great, up-to-date content helps prospective customers find you on
Google and other search engines—and it’s critical to building trust
in your brand. In an Akeneo survey of more than 3,500 consumers,
roughly 4 out of 5 said they have abandoned a planned purchase
due to poor product content. Similarly, 61 percent of 1,600 business buyers, also surveyed by Akeneo, named product and brand value content as their number one purchasing criterion after price.

To connect with today’s customers, you need to continually create
and publish new, relevant, and accurate content—and get it online
fast. If you have to write code, grapple with a complicated interface, or work with a third-party agency every time you publish, you and your team can end up worrying about content updates instead of growing your business.