Smart Innovators: AR Solutions for Remote Assistance Report

The industrial workforce is shrinking. By 2030, the global workforce shortage is expected to reach over 85 million. As a result, executives are tasked with finding efficiencies in processes and, ultimately, doing more with less.  AR-enabled remote expert solutions are rising to the challenge by allowing workforces to access the relevant data, content, and expertise they need when they need it. The right technology can help you unlock measurable benefits in efficiency, cost savings, workforce safety, and more.  So, the question remains, how can you choose the best solution for you?

In this report, Verdantix, an independent research firm, analyzed 27 augmented reality remote assistance solution providers to help you make an informed decision.

Key topics covered include:

  • Survey results and analysis of 27 industry-leading organizations
  • The state of the market related to remote expert and AR-enabled technology solutions
  • Use cases for AR and remote expert technologies
  • Recommendations on making the best AR and remote expert selection for your business