SANS Report: Making Visibility Definable and Measurable

In the wake of the global pandemic and the work-from-anywhere trends it triggered, malware and ransomware attacks are spiking as bad actors exploit our increasing reliance on Internet and cloud connectivity.

As a result, improving security visibility is now on every organization’s radar, including yours. Your ability to shut down threats faster depends on having a solid visibility strategy in place. Assembled by analysts from SANS, this new report, Making Visibility Definable and Measurable, brings the multiple aspects of effective security visibility into sharp focus.

Read it and discover:

  • How definitions of visibility differ (hint: they depend on your role)
  • The top visibility gaps today’s organizations face
  • Which types of data to prioritize and why
  • The imperative of converting security data into actionable information
  • A roadmap for optimizing the visibility strategy in your organization