People Intelligence an Evolution in Business Intelligence

Organizations invest a significant amount of time and money each year on Business Intelligence (BI) platforms in an effort to improve strategic decision making and achieve their long-term goals. It has been estimated that 55% of large organizations have spent 50 million or more on BI tools, while 65% of small businesses have spent over ten thousand on BI platforms and another ten thousand or more each year to maintain them.

Over a century of research in the psychological sciences has revealed the key dimensions upon which individuals tend to differ from each other. For example, research into personality has identified five broad personality traits which reliably distinguish between individuals and describe their past, current, and future behavior. Due to this relationship between personality traits and future behavior, personality assessments are the most widely used assessment for employment screening. But personality traits do not only predict performance on the job, they also predict buyer behavior, credit risk and loan default, relationship satisfaction, physical and mental health, among many other important behaviors and life outcomes. In addition to personality, a person’s emotional state and intelligence, along with other psychological constructs such as interests, motives, and values, have also been shown to reliably predict future behavior.