Open APIs in Financial Services for Dummies

Open APIs in Financial Services For Dummies, Red Hat Special Edition, is your guide to this exciting world of opportunity. Whatever part you play in the financial services business of open APIs, this book puts forth valuable insights toward making it a successful venture. Far more than just a world for IT and software developers, there are vital considerations for those on the business side, for people involved in marketing, for risk and compliance experts, for the legal team. The key point is that APIs aren’t just coding; they’re products that must be managed and nurtured.

In this book, we discuss the basics about open APIs. We spell out what APIs can do for you within financial services. We discuss the security risks that open APIs can bring and how to mitigate them. There’s advice on designing open APIs that can evolve. You find out how to make your APIs and development process easy and inviting. And you get a sense of the first steps the various players should take along the open API journey.