Next-Generation SIMS Instruments Enable Fast, Accurate Analysis for High-Volume Semiconductor Manufacturing

The capabilities of secondary ion mass spectrometry (SIMS) technology — such as high sensitivity, superior depth resolution, wide dynamic range, and small analytical spot size — make it uniquely suited for the metrology demands of modern semiconductor manufacturing and process development.

However, the complexity of SIMS instruments has historically prevented their use in-line or near-line at the fab. Instead, they are traditionally found in outside labs, reserved for specialized analysis by expert users.

A new generation SIMS instruments is changing all that. The AKONIS SIMS analyzer from CAMECA has been designed specifically for use by fab operators in high-volume manufacturing (HVM).

AKONIS optimizes two performance metrics vital to fab productivity: uptime and throughput. Its design simplifies central hardware elements like the ion source and primary column, making them more reliable and serviceable. Throughput is vastly improved through automation, allowing fab operators to run multiple types of analysis in sequence, with a single global alignment.

In this paper, we’ll discuss the key features of SIMS as they relate to semiconductor manufacturing, and detail how AKONIS has been designed to meet the critical demands of the fab environment.