Modernize your payment infrastructure with Red Hat

As the largest open source company in the world, Red Hat believes using an open development model helps create more stable, secure, and innovative technology. We have spent more than two decades collaborating on community projects and protecting open source licenses so that we can continue to develop software that pushes the boundaries of the software industry.

Red Hat revolutionized the operating system 25 years ago with Linux®. We have built upon that experience to create a cloud platform that provides the tools (Figure 1) needed by payment organizations to operate more efficiently and innovate more quickly. It includes a robust set of application and developer tools that help organizations simplify their technology estate and be more competitive. With Red Hat, you can run traditional cloud-native applications across your payment infrastructure with a consistent cloud experience. This ability lets your organization progressively modernize its applications over a period of time while avoiding the rip-and-replace approach of the past.