Is Your Software Helping You Adapt or Holding You Back?

Is your software a helpful assistant or a daily obstacle? If you’re considering a change, here are a few questions to consider:

Does my software help reduce data entry and extra clicks?

  • Consider: What would make your software easier to use? Less unnecessary typing and clicking? More dictation and
    automation? Easy, customizable scheduling? Built-in otolaryngology content? Integrated photography and drawing tools?
  • Impact: According to a 2017 survey of practicing physicians, 70% of EHR users reported healthcare IT (HIT)-related stress1—and this was prior to the pandemic. Software that’s easier to use is easier on you and your staff.
  • Solution: Imagine software that helps you document quickly. An all-in-one system built by otolaryngologists that brings your practice data together, helping to reduce redundancies.