Intent is the new lead

Intent is the New Lead

Why wait for the form fill when your buyer is actively researching?

It’s a new day. It’s time to focus on intent and put the lead in the backseat. A more efficient marketing approach, intent helps Marketing and Sales teams identify which accounts are in-market while they’re still early in the buyer’s journey (not just at the point of a form fill). With this insight, we can personalize our outreach according to the account’s interests and influence their mindset through the point of purchase.
In this eBook, we cover why intent is so important and how you can start using it to drive better Sales and Marketing alignment, which in turn, leads to more conversions down the pipeline. (See what we did there.)

Get the ebook to learn more on:

  • The definition and categories of intent
  • Why timing is critical when harnessing the power of intent
  • How to accurately score accounts (with our handy scorecard!)

Check out this ebook and start driving to more conversions down the pipeline today.