How to Prepare for the Next Big Cyberattack

Learn five steps you can take today

Make Sure You’re Prepared for the Next Big Cyberattack

The recent SolarWinds and Microsoft Exchange Server attacks used sophisticated techniques to exploit the technology supply chain and compromise thousands of high-profile organizations. The attackers also took advantage of well-known challenges in security operations to slip by SOC analysts and remain undetected by siloed legacy security technologies.

These attacks may have passed, but is your organization prepared to take on the next major cyberattack, whenever it happens?

The stakes are too high not to be sure. In this white paper, we explore the steps companies can take to strengthen their next-generation defenses. Get the paper to learn:

  • How to prepare for the next big cyberattack
  • Five future-facing cyber defense technologies to meet these attacks head-on
  • How Cortex® XDR™ discovered and responded to the SolarWinds attack

Make sure you’re set to face whatever comes your way! Download the “Five Steps to Take Against the Next Big Cyberattack” white paper today.