How Healthcare and Life Sciences Companies Can Leverage Third-Party Data in Their Analytics

Companies in the healthcare and life sciences industries are becoming increasingly data-driven, which has a number of implications. Pharmaceutical companies are optimizing drug development and commercialization through borderless data access, while payers and providers are improving patient outcomes through a more secure and seamless exchange of patient information. Distribution partners are sharing real-time insights, which helps to minimize supply chain disruptions.

While healthcare and life science companies have their own rich insights on patients, prescriptions, and outcomes, they’re increasingly leveraging third-party data, which is data that comes from sources external to an organization, to obtain additional insights for the purposes of improving clinical trials and marketing ROI.

The problem is accessing that data in a timely, cost-effective way that is compliant with industry data governance and privacy regulations such as HIPAA. Healthcare companies are often building and maintaining dozens, if not hundreds, of data pipelines and dealing with a wide range of data formats, which can result in their data scientists spending much of their time on relatively low-value data munging tasks. Complex ingestion processes can also result in dips in data quality and a high error rate.

In this ebook, you will learn how to:

  • Access live third-party data without any ETL, making the data immediately available for analysis or to merge with your own data
  • Easily discover third-party data sets, such as anonymized prescription data, medical sales data, COVID-19 data, and demographic data, that best fit your business needs
  • Use enrichment services to improve the quality of first-party data by securely sharing slices of your data with providers