How a Cloud-Native CMS makes Content Delivery Faster and Easier

How a cloud-native CMS is a must-have in the modern era 

By moving to a modern, cloud-native content management foundation powered with artificial intelligence, both IT and marketers will find that it’s easier, faster, and more affordable to deliver the experiences your customers expect.

This piece details how moving to a cloud-native CMS can:

• Speed your creation and delivery of digital experiences.

• Simplify your production and the DevOps environment.

• Improve your ability to optimize and personalize experiences. 

Why Audience Cares: 

This asset will communicate the importance of AI in a strong digital foundation, specifically focusing on how AI can improve content management. The asset will encourage further research into Adobe solutions. 

“In the past four years, AI implementations have increased 270 percent, according to Gartner. Despite this trend, many content management systems haven’t kept pace. Only 5 percent of organizations in CMI’s study say they have AI technologies in place. It’s a missed opportunity. A modern content system powered with AI can improve the content management process and better enable the delivery of personalized experiences.”