Hello Hyper-Charged B2B Pipeline!

Looking to expand your go-to-market with account-based programming? Demandbase is here to help!

Together, lead-bound and account-based marketing approaches make for a go-to-market that will help you achieve your strongest growth. To help you get started, we pulled together the highlights of the popular ABM Like a Boss blog series into this foundational resource, Hello Hyper-Charged B2B Pipeline.

Even though the steps we cover in this ebook build on each other, you can skip around and pull your favorite best practices into your go-to-market programming as you need them. (We won’t judge. Actually, we love that you’re taking this transformational step for your business. And it is transformational. We promise!)

In addition to a detailed look at each step, this eBook also includes key insights that help guide your ABM strategy, such as:

  • How much organizations are spending on ABM
  • Questions to ask when assembling your ABM team
  • Factors to consider when defining your ICP
  • Four ways to measure engagement
  • And more!