Global Industry Best Practices on Alibaba Cloud for Internet and Technology

See how Internet and technology companies are leveraging Alibaba Cloud to grow and improve their business

At Alibaba Cloud, we are passionate about seeing our customers expand their businesses by leveraging the Alibaba ecosystem and our leading technologies. With our customers in mind, we’ve taken their success stories and compiled them into this eBook. This eBook features many Internet and technology companies and presents how they have used Alibaba Cloud to meet their digital transformation needs.

This eBook discusses the following topics.

  • ChartDesk: Steering Global Ambitions on Cloud
  • Duolingo: Learning the Language of Cloud Efficiency
  • NAVITIME: Navigating the Cloud for Speeding Up App Deployment
  • Team Viewer: Reinventing the Secure Connected Experience in the Cloud
  • Yippi: Powering Super App Ambitions with Agile Development