Forrester: Accelerate Threat Resolution With DNS

Based on a survey of 203 senior cyber security leaders and CISOs working within organizations with $1B+ in annual revenue, this new Forrester Consulting study examines the effectiveness of using DNS as a foundational element in future network security best practices.

Distributed networks are adding devices at an unprecedented rate. And with the COVID-19 pandemic necessitating more employees work from home, network security has never been more important in protecting vital corporate data. This new study details how top security leaders are now recognizing the power of DNS as a first-level security control, and how they plan to better leverage DNS in their network security strategy to drive better ROI across their security stack.

All things networking start with DNS. It’s the foundational element that identifies what’s on the network. And it’s also a leading indicator of threat activity and network vulnerability. In this study you’ll learn:

  • Why DNS is a key threat investigation starting point
  • How DNS fills gaps left by other security tools
  • Why 69% of respondents already use DNS to defend against attacks
  • How threat detection automation reduces attack dwell times
  • What deep insights DNS provides in threat investigation
  • What challenges security leaders can solve with DNS