Fast-Moving Clouds

10 ways to meet the promise of hybrid and multicloud in an accelerated cloud journey for financial services digital transformation

All across the Asia-Pacific region, financial services institutions are adopting cloud strategies at a high rate. IDC Financial Insights explores the experience of those who have stayed ahead of the cloud curve, and discovers that as the world of hybrid cloud takes shape, some lessons from early cloud adopters make building the cloud foundations secure, efficient, and beneficial for the enterprise.

What are the key elements of cloud that you should look for?

  • 100% cloud: What is the right mix between private, public, hybrid cloud, and multicloud? Which applications and workflows should be moved to cloud?
  • Fast-moving clouds: Agility, microservices, competitive landscape, and cost and economies of scale.
  • Simplification: Reducing the risks and complexities by simplification, standardization, and automation.
  • Standardization: Vendors, tools, and architecture.