Executive Brief:
Driving SDR Pipeline Generation: A LeadIQ and Gartner Conversation

SDRs know prospecting is harder than ever. Cold-connect calls and emails are up against busy schedules and cluttered inboxes. If that wasn’t challenging enough, SDR teams are often responsible for multiple sales strategies and tedious, time-consuming tasks.

So how do you optimize sales development’s role for effective pipeline generation? LeadIQ met with Gartner’s Senior Analyst, Dan Gottlieb, to discuss data-driven insights on how you can set SDRs up for success.

Cool Things you’ll learn:

  • An explanation of the current sales landscape and its challenges
  • Introduction to the urgency of pipeline generation
  • A step-by-step plan for guiding SDRs in boosting their pipeline
  • The importance of specialized roles for SDRs
  • How to shift data responsibilities to more cost-effective roles
  • Why and how to build an Engagement Playbook