Definitive Guide to Choosing an ABM Platform

An end-to-end guide to help you choose the right Account-Based Marketing solution

Scouting for a suitable ABM solution? This guide outlines what to look for, so you can choose the right vendor for your B2B go-to-market strategy.

With comprehensive and point solutions alike purporting to provide account-based marketing, it’s tough to know what questions to ask to find the right solution for your organization. With The Definitive Guide to Choosing an Account-Based Marketing Platform:

  • We run through the five account-based marketing processes known as Build, Find, Engage, Close and Measure.
  • We include all possible questions to consider under each of these steps to ensure you’re thinking about the full account-based experience.
  • We showcase other factors to consider beyond what the platform offers.

The Definitive Guide to Choosing an Account-Based Marketing Platform is a vendor agnostic evaluation of the important factors to consider as you think about your ABM strategy. It helps you frame up questions in your evaluation like:

  • Does the vendor enable you to easily use your audiences to execute via other channels like email campaigns, direct mail, advertising or website personalization?
  • Does the vendor clean, unify, and visualize your CRM data with reliable, up-to-date data management?
  • Does the vendor have multiple models to predict opportunities for multiple product lines or business units?
  • Does the vendor run campaigns that target key accounts, and buying committees within those accounts, and optimize bids based on their intent?