Cyber Priorities: 6 Cybersecurity Investments You Should Consider in 2022

You may have fewer employees and lower revenues, but small and midsize organizations like yours are just as likely to be targets of cybersecurity threats as large enterprises. A global increase in cybersecurity attacks is ratcheting up the need to dedicate more resources to the problem, and large enterprises are doing just that. For small and midsize businesses, though, it’s a different story. With limited cybersecurity resources, your organization needs to be judicious with spending. You need to balance tactical and strategic investments so you can see both immediate and long-term benefits. You need to prioritize investments based on the specific risks facing your organization. And you need to maximize efficiency while minimizing complexity.

This eBook will help you make the most of your organization’s cybersecurity budget. Explore the six cybersecurity investments that you should consider prioritizing in 2022 as you work to strengthen your security posture.