Braze X Snowflake: Exploring Data Management and Customer Engagement

90% of consumers say they’re frustrated when they get irrelevant messages. That’s why it’s essential for brands to avoid broken experiences that alienate customers. To thrive, modern brands need to leverage a mighty duo: A data platform like Snowflake alongside a customer engagement platform like Braze.

When these technologies are used together, brands can better understand what’s happening with their messaging campaigns and get a single view of each individual’s behavior across different devices—so they can support highly-personalized brand experiences that drive stronger business results.

Download this guide to learn how Braze and Snowflake help brands extract actionable consumer insights and enable effective cross-team communication, making it possible to deliver brilliant brand experiences.

In this exclusive Braze X Snowflake guide, uncover:

  • 6 things to prioritize to support data management within your marketing technology stack
  • How brands drive stronger business results by leveraging Braze + Snowflake
  • The Braze + Snowflake Secure Data Sharing difference