Benefits of Standardization in Real-World Hybrid Cloud for Financial Services

The Cloud Council for Financial Services continues its work to
assess the acceleration of cloud in Asia/Pacific banking and
insurance, with a focus on the real-world benefits of
standardization in hybrid cloud deployments.

As part of the goal in this continued roundtable seriesto help
organizations progress in their cloud journey for more secure,
scalable, resilient and available IT services, IDCtook a closer look at
cloud standardization tools, capabilities, and services,to ensure that
workloads are primed for different cloud environments.

Four key takeawaysstand out in terms of what industry cloud leadersand their roundtable peers view are driving greater cloudstandardization efforts:

  • Standardization assures intended outcomes for cloud services
    from various cloud environments.
  • Organizing standardization effortsin the use of a technology
    stack helps accelerate the cloud journey as it brings multiple
    layers of tools, capabilities and services,for infrastructure as a
    service (IaaS), platform as a service (PaaS), and software as a
    service (SaaS).
  • Standardization goals are to support real-time connectivity,
    data, and workflows while ensuring that the standards are
    inclusive of cloud architecture, security, governance, and
  • It is about reducing the IT operational burden in managing
    hybrid cloud.