Baptist Memorial Health Care Partners With Infoblox to Optimize Network Performance and Security

Baker and his team worked to get buy-in on migrating to full Infoblox DDI, and got the go ahead to begin the process of cutting over DNS operations from the legacy Microsoft product. As Baker explains, the migration was a surprisingly painless process: “Even in the best migrations, there’s going to be a bug at some point, but not with Infoblox. We did the cutover and we didn’t have a single ticket, not a single call. The remote site managers didn’t even know we finished the migration. It was just a remarkably smooth process, and we’ve been running all of our domains and DNS operations on Infoblox ever since.”

“We maintain multiple vendor relationships…We see our
Infoblox account team as a partner, not just a vendor. Long
after we implement anything new from Infoblox, the account
team is still in touch… And when we are looking to build out new capabilities, the Infoblox team gets directly involved in design, building, problem solving, tech support, escalation, sizing—all of it. When you buy Infoblox, you get a strategy partner.”
Jared Baker, Virtualization / Data center Engineer, Team Coordination Baptist Memorial Health Careat the company