Avoid the typical IoT pitfalls and educate yourself on the technology

With the IoT constantly evolving and new technology being introduced, it may be difficult to keep up with the stream of innovations. New protocols, platforms and hardware are being introduced to handle the security and scalability demands of an ever-increasing IoT. Over the years, we have seen many IoT deployments failing in their infancy due to lack of future-proofing, where businesses were simply not agile enough to adopt new technology and couldn’t move past their PoC phases. 

Our Pelion whitepaper covers:

  • Edge / Gateways
  • eSIM/eUICC
  • Device management
  • LpWAN (CAT-M)
  • Cellular

It may feel daunting to tackle all the complexities of the technology enabling the IoT, but it is key to be aware of what options are available to your business and how best to leverage them to your advantage.