ArchITects of Customer Delight


As an IT leader, it is your mandate to infuse digital technology into all business functions for better outcomes. And customer service needs your immediate attention. Here’s why.

The recent global crisis has altered customer behavior and has made them gravitate towards no-contact, digital-first engagement. Freshworks’ recent research on 107 million customer service interactions has also shown that increased anxiety has caused customers to place greater importance on the speed of customer service over all else. 

Limited by budgets and headcount, customer service teams are relying on you to help them adapt and stay future-ready with the right technology, and #CutTheWait for customers.

This 4-step playbook has been designed to help you empower teams to deliver speedy, delightful customer service, with insights on:

  • Choosing agile, scalable customer service technology solutions to stay future-ready

  • Building service efficiency to tackle staffing and budget constraints

  • Facilitating a free flow of customer context for better service experiences