API-First Immersive Omnichannel Experiences

Main Message: Here’s how Adobe Experience Manager addresses your current needs for headless content
management while building a foundation for future growth.

Why should the target audience care?
To keep delighting your customers, you need to deliver exceptional experiences across the increasing number of channels and devices that they want to use. What’s more, these same customers have come to expect immersive and responsive app-like interactions on every channel.

This is fueling the growth of headless content development and delivery—separating content creation and management from layout, design, and experience.

Supporting Concepts:
Experience Manager is a modern, cloud-native content management system (CMS) that gives you a full combination of rich headless capabilities, comprehensive headful modes, and powerful single-page application (SPA) tools to deliver immersive experiences everywhere.

With Experience Manager, developers get full flexibility for accessing content headlessly, while marketers can accelerate content velocity, maximize reuse, and ensure tailored experiences.