5 Common Audit Processes You Can Automate in One Week​

According to McKinsey, an incredible 60 percent of the audit process can be partly or fully automated.

And they should be, to prevent costly error rates of up to 16 percent — and wasted spreadsheet time adding up to 26 hours per analyst per week.

Those things add up. In fact, studies show companies pay more than $10 million a year for exactly the kind of issues that automation prevents. But you don’t have to.

In the e-book, find out how to stop paying fines, fees, and the price of human error — while also enjoying faster results and scaling up more easily — by automating these five key processes:

  • Populating testing
  • Substantive testing
  • Risk analysis calculations
  • Compliance documentation
  • Internal control testing

Get your copy, and empower your own analysts to blast through repetitive processes, so they can deliver on time and in compliance.