3 proven ways enterprise IT leaders can speed up SAP innovation

As an enterprise IT leader, you are charged with delivering digital transformation initiatives that will enable your company to become more agile and customer-focused. SAP solutions are likely the back-bone of these initiatives.The challenge you face is that SAP projects have traditionally been the most complex, lengthy, and ex-pensive projects imaginable. Given that even a minor SAP update has the potential to bring business to a standstill, there’s a heavy burden on your teams to minimize risk as they release new software. This requires testing. And that is where the root of your problem lies. Most SAP testing is still performed manually. No matter how fast you may want to drive a project, no matter how many urgent change requests you receive from business users, the time required for manual testing makes it difficult for your teams to speed up delivery times.This should come as no surprise, of course. A recent GitLab survey confirms what you may already see in your own organization—that testing is the #1 bottleneck in the software delivery process.